CARYLA Makeup Brushes

Caryla Lifestyle will soon launch makeup brushes for Professional and DIY use. These high quality brushes are ANTI-BACTERIAL, HYPOALLERGENIC,  VEGAN, NON -TOXIC and SUPER SOFT. Brushes are made of Antibacterial Taklon Fibre, Anti Rust Aluminium and Wooden or Bamboo Handle and the brushes can last  up to 10 years with proper care.


Happy make up days…everyday and Always..


Caryla Lifestyle




These Beauty Bags and Make-up Brush sets are stunningly functional.

This Red patterned Jewelry case is a steal



And the White see-thru Jewelry Case is a everyday time saver


This Lip Pencil, Kajal, Lip Balm and Make up brush will snug in atleast 6 to 8 more losing it inside your bag.


And these carry and travel waisties are super cool…


Next we will cover Make-up Brushes and cases, you bet they will be breath taking.




Birds In A Coffee Shop

Caryla Lifestyle:

Amazing…just like a childhood playwork.

Originally posted on Raxa Collective:

Thanks to the folks at this fun aggregator site, we learned of Piip Show, a collaborative initiative bright to us by several artists and Norwegian Radio that allows a community of animals to gather in a setting familiar to many in modern urban landscapes around the world:

The story of Piip-Show

When the internet was just a baby sleeping quietly in its cradle, NRK broadcasted live from a bird house decorated like a little dollhouse. The year is 2003, and the mastermind behind the project, freelance photographer Magne Klann, receives attention even from the British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC.

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